Extra possibilities


As a technical writer, what do you need to comply with, what knowledge do you need in your backpack? We train writers to draft good, stable documentation and to correctly handle divergent styles, style elements and use of visuals.

Your manuals may look okay, but do they comply with current guidelines and standards such as the NEN-5509 and the Machinery Directive? How do you draft your document according to these directives and how do you assess your documentation? We specifically train writers to interpret and apply the guidelines and directives correctly.

Increasing use is being made of content management solutions, and then specifically based on DITA / XML. As an author, how do you handle topics, metadata, variables, style guides and the many other issues that come your way? Foxiz offers training programmes during which these questions are addressed effectively.

In Tiel, we organise training sessions for the use of Simplified Technical English, FrameMaker, MS Word, oXygen, NEN-5509, the Machinery Directive, Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) and the execution of risk assessments.

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Our consultants provide companies with appropriate advice thanks to our Quick Scan. Our specialists have a broad knowledge range that enables us to provide solutions to the benefit of our clients.

We are involved from the kick-off if at all possible, and we stay involved throughout the trajectory from problem definition to the selected solution route and software implementation. We are also aware that sometimes a choice has been made for a particular system, but that it lies unused on the shelf because there is insufficient time or lack of knowledge within your company to install it. Our specialists can help you out there too; we are experienced in designing, nominating and realising a wide range of systems, and with FrameMaker to various XML / DITA-based solutions such as oXygen we can take care of the entire implementation process on your behalf.

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